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Tourism and Visitor Management

Visitor Management Zones

Visitor management strategy zones: This map shows the different zones and describes the management strategies that apply to each zone.

The zoning and policies were originally developed for the Visitor Management Strategy for the area in the 1990s, but may be still relevant and useful today.


Support for local tourism businesses

The Norfolk Coast is a special place and one of your greatest business assets. As with all commercial assets, it is essential to protect them.

We have created a marketing toolkit to help you protect your valuable asset and give you practical resources and ideas that will make a real difference to your business. Previously found on the Your Norfolk Coast website, this toolkit will help you deliver a clear message to your visitors, ensuring they have the opportunity to act sustainably during their visit and it will provide a profitable, sustainable message for you!

Tourism is the main industry in North and West Norfolk, worth a staggering £820m a year and supporting 16,500 jobs. Visitors are increasingly using sustainable criteria to select their holiday and to guide their activities while they are here. This page will help show you how the natural environment and the tourism economy of the Norfolk Coast can work together and both thrive in the future.

Marketing toolkit


Image gallery

Images sell things. Good images are essential to everything from your website (85% of visitors are booking online these days) through to leaflets and online newsletters. We all know how hard it is to get good images cheaply, especially high resolution ones for use on print material.

Well… life just got easier. Our image library contains lots of themed photographs in high-resolution format for printed material and low-resolution for use online and both are easy to download. Now for the best bit… it’s all free!

Visit the image gallery >

Sense of Place

A library of useful and inspirational phrases and paragraphs for your marketing messages – copy them word for word or use them as a basis for your own material.

View the Sense of Place library >

Bespoke itineraries

More and more of today’s visitors say they are tired of generic package holidays and want an authentic experience of a local culture and its setting.

Impress your guests by sending them a tailored itinerary just for them. Using the information generated by our active map you can email or post them information. Your bespoke itinerary will encourage guests to stay local and encourage them to make sustainable choices.

It can either be a general search or if you are really clever you could ask them what their interests are via your online booking form or verbally when they book.

How impressive is that. This sort of service will help ensure your guests return to you time and time again!

You can also help to ensure that those warm enquiries become hot bookings by including a general itinerary with the information you send them.

To make it even better, add in events from the What’s On section and that will make for one very impressive document to send your guests.

You could also use information generated from the Active map in your room pack, quick and easy.

Room pack

Though many people now access information electronically, via laptops, tablets or mobile phones, it is still useful to provide printed material for people to look through in their rooms or holiday cottages.
You can use the information on the Active Map to create a very special room pack which is personal to you and your guests:

    • Your personal top tips of local ‘must dos’
    • Five interesting facts about your local area and what makes it distinctive
    • Sample ‘day out’ itineraries
    • A weekly/monthly listing of local events
    • Printed local routes
    • Information about the local shops and eateries
    • Tide times listings.

We also suggest you include:

    • A local scale OS map (1:25,000 Explorer series)
    • A coastal bus timetable
    • Timetables of other local public transport
    • Norfolk Coast Guardian newspaper.

And as an extra touch:

  • A notebook of personal recommendations from previous guests

What’s on ideas

Why not share some of the upcoming events from our website with your guests?

Case studies

The case studies on this page will show you how real Norfolk Coast tourism businesses have delivered a clear sustainability message to their visitors and used this to their business advantage.

We show that communicating this message before visitors arrive is a powerful marketing tool, helping you secure that booking. We will also show you real examples of the significant benefits of communicating the message clearly once the visitors have arrived.

Read Deepdale Backpackers Hotel and Campsite case study >

Read Kelling Heath Holiday Park case study >

Read Weybourne Holiday Cottages case study >

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