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Norfolk Coast Partnership Small Grant Fund

We are pleased to advise that the Norfolk Coast Partnership Small Grant Fund is open. We are able to offer small grants of between £500-£3,000 for local, community projects which bring environmental benefits to the Norfolk Coast area of outstanding natural beauty and its communities. Projects which encourage people of diverse ethnicities, age groups and accessibility needs to experience and enjoy the area would be particularly welcomed.

Ideally, the fund can offer 75% of the full value of the project, but this can be increased in exceptional circumstances.

The fund has been made possible thanks to the profits from the Norfolk Coast Partnership’s range of merchandise, which is available on our online shop and from a variety of stockists across the area.

The fund has already supported the creation of a new boardwalk enabling access for visitors across some of their wetter habitats at Natural Surroundings, Bayfield, near Holt.

Examples of other projects might be schools looking to enhance their outdoor learning area for wildlife, sensory needs or vegetable growing; care homes wishing to incorporate wildlife areas into their grounds for residents to enjoy; parish biodiversity projects or schemes facilitating non-motorised transport for visitors/locals.

To discuss your project idea and request an application form, or if you have any questions about the fund, please contact the fund administrator:

Helen Timson at [email protected] or on: 01328 850541

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘match funding’ mean?

Match funding is another way of saying your group’s contribution to the project. The below diagram explains how match funding can be put together.

How much money can I apply for?

Grants can be awarded from £500 to £3000.

How do I record volunteer time and from when can I do so?

Volunteer time can only be recorded from when the funding has been confirmed until when it finishes (i.e. April 2020 to March 2021). There is a standard volunteer timesheet that we request be completed and signed for all associated volunteer time.

Can I apply for funding even though I don’t yet have permissions in place?

No. All permissions need to be in place before the grant can be issued. If this looks unlikely, we recommend delaying your application until next year.

In the event that you do not require planning permission for any form of built projects, please confirm this in writing from the planning authorities. Other permissions typically sought are those of landowners/parish councils and of Natural England if the area has special protection designations.

I’ve applied to other funding but I haven’t heard back from them, can I still apply for this funding?

All match funding needs to be in place before your application can be considered, however this can be considered in exceptional circumstances, please advise if this is the situation.

My project will start in June 2021, can I apply for a 2020/21 grant?

No, as the grant runs for the financial year. Therefore, this year’s grant runs until the end of March 2021. This being the case, please apply next year.

I won’t be able to claim until June 2021, can I still apply for a 2020/21 grant?

No, as the scheme runs for the financial year, all claims must be made to the administrator by 15th March 2020.

My project is just outside of the AONB boundary, does this mean that I can’t apply?

Not at all, as long as your project has a direct positive impact on the Area, then please continue with your application.

I would like to talk to someone about my application, who can I contact?

Please contact the fund administrator Helen Timson on tel: 01328 850541 or [email protected]

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