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Working together to protect a landscape

The role of the Norfolk Coast Partnership is to manage the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) on behalf of the four local authorities who share responsibility for it: Norfolk County Council, North Norfolk District Council, Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, and Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

The work of the Partnership balances the statutory duty of conserving and enhancing natural beauty with non-statutory requirements to meet the AONB’s social and economic needs. This means that protecting the landscape relies on a principle of sensitive management rather than on the attempt to preserve the area entirely unchanged.

How the Partnership Operates

The Norfolk Coast Partnership comprises a staff team and two organisational bodies: the Partnership Forum and the Core Management Group. At least twice a year, representatives from each of the partner organisations and interest groups, including representatives of the local community, attend meetings of the Partnership Forum to help develop policy, and to develop, review and agree programmes to implement the main elements of the management plan: the strategy for the next five years, and the annual action plan.

Each year representatives from the four local authorities, the Broads Authority and Natural England, as well as two community representatives, also attend three to four meetings of the Core Management Group, which agrees the budgets and programmes for the work of the staff team, and provides public and financial accountability. Ensuring community representatives (each elected by the Area’s parish councils) have a role in not only strategic review but also in steering the day-to-day work of the Partnership reflects our commitment to understanding and acting on the needs of local people.

Funding for the work of the Partnership is provided by Defra and the four local authorities on whose behalf it manages the Area. However, core funds alone are not sufficient to undertake many of the actions in the annual action plan, so one of the functions of the staff team is to source additional funding to enable delivery.

Who is in the Partnership

The Norfolk Coast Partnership brings together representatives from a broad range of partner organisations and interest groups with a stake in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty:

Who is in the partnership
The entire circle shows the whole of the Partnership Forum (PF). The centre circle shows the Core Management Group (CMG)

Our Management Plan

The Management Plan is a working document which sets out the Norfolk Coast Partnership approach to management of the AONB.

The plan aims to:

  • Explain the duties of the Norfolk Coast Partnership and how it operates
  • Identify the distinctive landscape character of the Area and its special qualities
  • Identify the key external factors that drive change in the Area
  • Present a vision for the future of the Area
  • Set out agreed objectives which will help secure that vision
  • Outline how progress will be monitored and reviewed

Following a review, the 2019-2024 Management Plan has been withdrawn. As such, the 2014-2019 Management Plan, linked below, is currently in use. This plan is currently being adapted and updated in line with our Partners and an amended version will be available soon, please check back. 

    Previous Management Plans

    2014 – 2019 Management Plan >

    2009 – 2014 Management Plan >

    2004 – 2009 Management Plan >

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