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Supporting information

Summary of other conservation designations
As is the case with all nationally protected landscapes (national parks and AONBs), the fact that these are special areas means that they include or overlap with areas of land or features designated under different legislation for their special significance in a particular sphere - for example nature conservation or historic environment. The summary covers these other designations that apply within the AONB, which create a complicated designation picture, testifying to the national and international importance of the area.

The significance of the Norfolk Coast Landscape
Taken from the 1995 Landscape Character Assessment of the AONB, this can be seen as a more detailed assessment of the area's special landscape qualities summarised in section 2 of the Management Plan ("A Special Place").

Designation history summary for the Norfolk Coast AONB
Summarised from one of a series of designation histories for AONBs, this details the process leading to designation of the area as an AONB in 1968. A full hard copy version of the designation history is available at the Norfolk Coast Partnership office.

Shaping of the Norfolk Coast landscape
Based on information from the 1995 Landscape Character Assessment for the AONB, this explains the influences that have given rise to the area as we know and love it today.