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Planning policies & decisions

This page aims to provide pointers to the most relevant planning policies regarding the AONB designation in local and national planning documents.

Because the area designated as AONB includes many other designations for nature conservation and heritage assets, there are also many other local and national policies that may also be relevant for planning proposals in the AONB.

Decisions on major infrastructure projects may be made at national level, as are decisions in the marine environment that may have an effect on the AONB. Otherwise, Local Plans and policies are developed and planning decisions within the AONB are normally made by the local planning authorities.

Role of the Norfolk Coast Partnership
The Norfolk Coast Partnership is a non-statutory consultee with regards to planning policies and decisions - that is to say there is no statutory requirement for planning authorities to consult with us. In practice some planning applications that may affect the AONB are sent to the staff team for a response.

The NCP team aims to provide advice to planning authorities on proposals in or affecting the AONB in order to assist them to meet their statutory duties regarding the AONB.

Individual partner organisations may also provide a response on planning applications from their particular perspective.


National Planning policy
The National Planning Policy Framework came into being in March 2012, replacing a large number of national planning guidance documents. The National Planning Policy Framework "must be taken into account in the preparation of local and neighbourhood plans, and is a material consideration in planning decisions" (paragraph 2 of NPPF).


Local planning policies
Different local policies will apply depending on which part of the AONB (i.e. which district / borough) you are in. The four local planning authorities covering the AONB are:

King's Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council
North Norfolk District Council
Great Yarmouth Borough Council
Norfolk County Council
(for MInerals and Waste planning throughout Norfolk)

The most relevant policies for the AONB are indicated in the section for each local planning authority. However, it's worth looking at all policies which may be relevant for a particular planning application if you are responding. These are often quoted in the documents provided in support of a planning application (often a Planning Statement or a Design and Access Statement), although there may also be other relevant policies not identified by the developers.