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Designation maps

Illustration for Designation maps

A map showing the approximate boundary, settlements and relief of the Norfolk Coast AONB is provided here.

However, please note that this is NOT the definitive designation map.

Definitive designation map

NOTE: The original black & white copy of the 1968 Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation map can be viewed by appointment at our office.

This 1968 designation map is in two sections, at a scale of 1:64,000 (one inch to the mile); a low resolution A3 pdf copy of East and West sections can be found here.

The definitive map still represents the correct AONB boundary, which has not been altered since designation. However, because of the scale and the fact that some features e.g. roads may have changed in some cases, it may be difficult in a few places to judge exactly where the AONB boundary is 'on the ground'.