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Comment on plans & proposals

Members of the public, as well as town and parish councils and other organisations, are entitled to make comments on consultation drafts of plans and on planning applications. Views from local people are important and local authorities take such comments seriously as long as they focus on planning reasons.

For Local Plans and planning applications, your first point of contact should be the local planning authority (this will vary depending on which local authority covers the area in question and the type of application). You will be able to see details and plans for the application on their website or otherwise at their offices. You should also be able to find out what other comments have been made about the application.

Comments from the Norfolk Coast Partnership, and the decisions made by the planning authority, will usually be linked closely to relevant policies or planning guidance, so you may want to find out more about these (see the 'planning policies and decisions' section). If you wish to object to an application, this will carry much greater weight if you can refer to approved policies or guidance.

To find out if you are within the AONB check the map on our website. This is based on the original 1968 designation map which has been transferred as accurately as possible to modern map sections.

For further help in responding to planning consultations, and in developing plans for your own community, see our 'Get involved in planning' and Neighbourhood Plans sections.

Light pollution
You can find suggested clauses for lighting in response to planning applications in our Do your bit for dark skies section of this web site.

See also our dark skies project for further information.