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Citizen science

You don't have to devote days or weeks of your time to look after the Norfolk Coast. Below are links to smaller activities you can do when you're out and about in the area or even from the comfort of your garden! No matter how much you can contribute it all helps to keep the coast special.

Citizen scientist for wildlife

BBC Nature - How to be a citizen scientist for wildlife
A range of surveys to be involved in from: Amphibians and reptiles, Butterflies and moths, Birds, Bees and flies, Bugs and beetles, Mammals, Marine species, Plants, Biodiversity and phenology.

BTO Abnormal Bird Plumage survey

With the help of the public, the BTO Abnormal Plumage Survey is charting odd-looking garden birds up and down the country, with records extending from Shetland to the Scilly Isles. Please keep your eyes peeled and let the BTO know what strange birds you see. To take part in the Abnormal Plumage Survey, visit the BTO website or telephone 01842-750050 for a paper recording form.

Report sightings of Ash dieback

Norfolk Biological Information Service and Norfolk Non Native Species Initiative are now partners in the AshTag app, which was speedily launched in October 2012 to collate reports of the infection For more information click here. The app can downloaded, or you can report a sighting of the disease here.

Ladybird surveys

Please let UK Ladybird Survey know if harlequin ladybirds begin to arrive indoors

iRecord Ladybirds a free mobile phone app has launched to help monitor the impact of the invasive Harlequin ladybird on the UKs native ladybird species.

The new app will enable people to contribute more easily to the UK Ladybird Survey whose results have already shown declines in native species

Mini Mammal Monitoring

The Mammal Society needs volunteers to get involved and help survey small mammal populations in the UK.

Have you tried the BGS mobile apps?

View a geological map of Britain, search and zoom to a location. Click here.

Do you have amphibians or reptiles in your garden?

The Amphibian & Reptiles groups of the UK are interested in finding out what people have seen. Please click here to submit your sightings.

Norfolk Cetaceans

Norfolk Cetaceans' is a one stop shop for all you would like to know about the Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises seen from the coasts of Norfolk. Find out what has turned up off the Norfolk Coastline in the past, the latest sightings and how to identify what you have seen and how to report your own sightings. Click here to submit your sightings.

Freshwater Habitats Trust

Many people have less contact with freshwaters than they do with terrestrial habitats like woodlands and meadows. The Trust's view is that the best way to ensure freshwaters are better valued is to increase people's enjoyment, knowledge and experience of them.

And there's lots of ways YOU can help support their work, without even getting your feet wet. Find out more here