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2019-24 Management Plan

The Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Five Year Strategy (2019-24) is a working document which sets out the Norfolk Coast Partnership approach to management of the Area. 

The Strategy aims to:

  • Explain the duties of the Norfolk Coast Partnership and how it operates
  • Identify the distinctive landscape character of the Area and its special qualities
  • Identify the key external factors that drive change in the Area
  • Present a vision for the future of the Area
  • Set out agreed objectives which will help secure that vision
  • Outline how progress will be monitored and reviewed

The Norfolk Coast Partnership delivers the local authority duties under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 'to act jointly to prepare and publish a plan which formulates their policy for the management of the AONB and for carrying out their functions in relation to it'. In practice, the Strategy extends to a much wider group of partners who also have important roles in management of the Area. Thus, all partners work together to produce and agree the contents of the Strategy and commit to its delivery.

This, the fourth Strategy produced by the Norfolk Coast Partnership, builds on previous iterations and has undergone a thorough review and update over a 2.5 year period. The review process was extended to allow analysis and inclusion of significant new local, national and international information released in 2019 (inc. the Glover Review of Protected Landscapes, the IPPC reports on climate change, the UN Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, local authority prioritisation of climate change issues, etc.) and then by the Covid-19 lockdown.

We have itemised below:

  • The Strategy in a number of different formats
  • A summary of the changes made in this review
  • Copies of previous versions 


The Strategy presented in a number of different formats.

Strategy - Spreads

This format provides a good overview of the layout and composition of the print version.

Strategy - Single pages

This format facilitates a detailed view of the content of each page.

Strategy - By chapter

The document is broken down into the main chapters.

Summary of changes

A summary of the main changes and updates compared to the previous version, the 2014-19 document.

Previous versions