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50th anniversary of Norfolk Coast AONB

In 1968 the Norfolk Coast joined national parks such as the Peak and Lake District as one of the UK's most treasured places. Inscribed in law as an area of outstanding natural beauty, it also become part of a family of protected areas stretchng across Europe and the world. In 2018 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of this designation.

Protected, like all 46 AONBs in the UK, to conserve and enhance natural beauty, meet the need for quiet enjoyment of the countryside and have regard for the interests of those who live and work in them, the 'area of outstanding natural beauty' status provides for long-term care.

One of the outstanding aspects of the Norfolk Coast's beauty is its diversity. Behind 90.8km of coastline, in its 453 square kilometers there are sand dunes, saltmarsh and grazing marsh, open chalk downland, secluded river valleys, woodlands, heath and bog; as well as villages, ports, farm building and quiet country lanes. It's remarkably rolling, too - the highest point in Norfolk, Roman Camp is in the area. A wealth of habitats support an astonishing, internationally important range of natural species.

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, and as an ongoing priority, the Norfolk Coast Partnership sought the input and engagement of young people in the conservation and enhancement of the area. We recruited a youth delegate to attend the Europarc 2018 conference on our behalf on 18th-21st September 2018 - to network and come back with ideas on how to better involve young people in our work.

April 8, 2018

Illustration for 50th anniversary of Norfolk Coast AONB

Our celebration of the 50th anniversary of designation of the Norfolk Coast area of outstanding natural beauty commenced with the launch of our book, 'Walk with me' on 8 April 2018, at the Simon Aspinall Wildlife Education Centre at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Cley Marshes Visitor Centre. The free 2018 Norfolk Coast Guardian newspaper provided additional information on the anniversary year and associated events.

A range of products celebrating the anniversary were produced, and are still available through our available from our online shop and a number of stockists in the area.