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The Coastal Code


This Coastal Code has been developed by local organisations and people who wish to safeguard the area.

Enjoy Respect Protect


Did you know this beautiful place is of high landscape and wildlife value? Please enjoy, respect, and protect the area. Here’s how…

Enjoy your visit and stay safe

    • Prepare any relevant maps, guidebooks and other information to take with you
    • Take account of weather conditions and tide times
    • Check for up-to-date advice and restrictions, e.g. limits on access in the breeding season
    • Let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to return.

Respect people and place

    • Read local updates/information and act on any advice given
    • Use public transport, walk or cycle
    • If using the car, please drive and park responsibly
    • Keep to paths/routes and leave gates as you find them
    • Use public waste bins or take litter home
    • Shop locally and use local services.

Protect the area and its wildlife

    • Take care not to disturb wildlife
    • Keep away from cordoned areas
    • Ensure you don’t harm, destroy or remove any wildlife/plants/rocks
    • Only light fires and/or BBQs in designated places.

Extra guidance for dog-walkers:

    • Be aware of, and adhere to, restrictions limiting where dogs can go
    • Keep your dog close to you and under your control
    • Use a lead when needed or requested
    • Prevent your dog from approaching cordoned areas
    • Bag and bin your dog’s poo.

Times to take extra care:

At breeding times and when over-wintering, animals and birds and their young are particularly vulnerable. Check your visits don’t disturb them:

    • Bird breeding season is the beginning of March to the end of August
    • Bird wintering season is the beginning of November to the end of March
    • Common seal breeding season is the beginning of June to the end of August
    • Grey seal breeding season is the beginning of November to the end of January.

We hope you enjoy your visit!


Coastal Code

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