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Norfolk Coast Cycleway Explorers: Route 10
Caister Castle Loop

A short (6 miles) loop from Caister to visit Caister Castle

* Involves a short walk across the footbridge avoiding the A149.


Caister Castle: 01572 787649

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained here is accurate. The Norfolk Coast Partnership does not accept responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions, or their consequences.

This Explorer route is free to use and best used with the general information and map key sheet. Map and information taken from the Norfolk Coast Cycleway map guide priced at £2.50 [01/2018]

Norfolk Coast Cycleway map © Norfolk Coast Cycling Initiative 2012. First published 1998, based on 1997 NCN Hull to Fakenham map with kind permission of Sustrans, Bristol. Also based on 1946 Ordnance Survey maps with additional information obtained from aerial photographs and field surveys by Stirling Surveys. Map production by Stirling Surveys 1998.

Route details

Length of cycle route: 6 miles

Explorer 10. Caster Castle loop:

  1. Turning off the main street in Caister onto West Road by the King’s Arms PH
  2. Using the footbridge (walking only) to cross the bypass
  3. St Edmund the Martyr Chapel provides extensive views
  4. Caister Castle ruins with its tower and grounds, the Castle Car Collection even includes early bicycles


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