Conserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the Norfolk coast

Under the care and guidance of the Norfolk Coast Partnership, we all share a love of the area, a passion to protect it and a responsibility to make a difference.

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Latest Projects

Norfolk’s Resilient Coast

Norfolk’s Resilient Coast

The Resilient Coast Project supports communities along the Norfolk Coast AONB to envision and action a plan to care for their environment through a collaborative approach.

Through this project, the Norfolk Coast Partnership will support communities to draft and enact their own nature recovery plans supported by a workshop series and small grants fund.

The Norfolk’s Two Chalk Rivers

The Norfolk’s Two Chalk Rivers

Norfolk’s Hun and Stiffkey are two of only 210 rare chalk rivers worldwide, valued globally, and important to local communities. The £885,400 grant will help the river catchments which share challenges.

Farming in Protected Landscapes

Farming in Protected Landscapes

Farming in Protected Landscapes is a grant programme for farmers, land managers and people in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs). The programme, developed by Defra, and delivered locally through the Broads Authority and Norfolk Coast Partnership supports farmers and land managers in carrying out projects that support the natural environment, mitigate the impacts of climate change, provide public access opportunities or support nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses…

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Protecting the Norfolk Coast:
an area of outstanding natural beauty

For all its unique and beautiful qualities, the Norfolk Coast is vulnerable too – and for that reason it must be protected.

The Norfolk Coast Partnership is the guardian of the area, representing a diverse spectrum of organisations working together to guarantee that the qualities we value in the Norfolk Coast today are protected for tomorrow.

The area has so much to offer for visitors, residents and businesses alike. Enjoy it! And work alongside us to shape a sustainable future for the Norfolk Coast.

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