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Working with other designation

There are many other plans, both statutory and non-statutory, ranging from local site management plans to international in their scope, which potentially affect the AONB or parts of it, either already in existence or in preparation. Almost all of these relate to management or enjoyment of aspects of its natural beauty or matters affecting it in some way. Many of these plans specifically refer to and recognise the AONB, those relating to the Town and Country Planning system being particularly important (see 'Planning and development'). Statutory powers available to partner organisations in AONB management play an important part in conserving and enhancing natural beauty.

It is intended that partners will ensure that broad objectives for the area, and the AONB Management Plan, are recognised in relevant plans they produce, and that they help to ensure these are also recognised in plans in which they have some influence. Conversely, the AONB Management Plan has been developed to maintain consistency with other relevant plans and initiatives that can help to meet its objectives, which are summarised in the Strategic Environmental Assessment for the AONB Management Plan.

The AONB Management Plan does not override or supersede these other plans, strategies and designations, or confer any additional powers on any organisations. All of the organisations involved continue to have their own objectives, powers and limitations. The AONB Management Plan provides an agreement between organisations for how they will work together, towards agreed aims and objectives for the Norfolk Coast AONB. It also provides guidance for other organisations and individuals who wish to play their part in conserving and enhancing its natural beauty.