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Wells is situated about 15 miles to the east of the resort of Hunstanton and 20 miles to the west of Cromer.

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 By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

Despite its name, Wells-next-the-Sea is situated a good mile or so from open water. In Tudor times, when it enjoyed much easier access to the sea, it was one of the great ports of eastern England. Its still one of the most attractive towns on the north Norfolk coast, and the only one to remain a commercially viable port. It features many narrow lanes nicely sheltered from the offshore winds and makes a very good base for exploring the surrounding coastline.

Wells Harbour runs essentially North South from its mouth, along its tidal channel to Wells Quay. Its route dissects some of the richest coastal habitats for wildlife in the British Isles. The beach bank follows its course for a mile from the quay towards the lifeboat house. This sea wall marks the boundary between reclaimed saltmarsh, now agricultural land, to the west whilst to the east lays one of the richest and largest expanses of saltmarshes in North Western Europe. Beyond the lifeboat house reveals an area of mudflats on the east side of the harbour and the beginnings of miles of open sandy shores, before we come to the harbour's mouth and the open North Sea. These areas are extremely important for wildlife, in particular birds, and are part of the Holkham National Nature Reserve.