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Map of Walsingham loop

Walsingham loop

(Explorer loop 5, 40 miles)

Discover Walsingham, Norfolk's world renowned centre for pilgrimage; ride The Holy Mile; unearth the spooky secret of Fiddler's Hill - and in between experience the rural tranquillity that makes this part of Norfolk great for cyling.

Illustration for Walsingham loop

Offering some fine views this Walsingham loop offers plenty to enjoy and distract. Indeed the whole area has so much of interest that you will be using the map to adapt your route and indeed at 40 miles, you may well make this the basis for more than one ride.

On Yer Bike cycle hire ( at Wighton is onĀ this routeĀ 

River crossing at Great Walsingham

River crossing at Great Walsingham

This delightful ford on the river Stiffkey is on the route at Great Walsingham and has a footbridge alongside for the less adventurous. There are a number of fords adjacent to the route between North Barsham and Little Walsingham.

Copys Green - cycleway junction

Copys Green - cycleway junction

Copys Green may only consist of a few dwellings but to cyclists using the Norfolk Coast Cycleway and Sustrans Route 1 it will be very recognisable. The Walsingham loop passes this hub three times on its figure of eight route.