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Map of Upper Sheringham

Upper Sheringham

(approx 90% in AONB)
The village is 1.2 miles from the town of Sheringham. The nearest railway station is at Sheringham for the Bittern Line which runs between Sheringham, Cromer and Norwich.

Upper Sheringham Parish Council website:

By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

The village is bound to the west by the National Trust property of Sheringham Park siting on the Cromer Ridge. a ridge of old glacial moraines. Cromer Ridge seems to have been the front line of the ice sheet for some time at the last glaciation, which is shown by the large size of the feature. All the material that was dredged up from the North Sea was poured out of the glaciers to form a ridge. It is also among the highest land of East Anglia reaching 335 feet (102 m), and is 8.7 miles long. It is characterised by its irregular, undulating, intimate and well-wooded topography and by substantial areas of heather in the west. Small, enclosed arable fields, hedgebanks, sunken lanes and sparse settlement are also characteristic features of the ridge. The crumbling cliffs at the coast are of glacial sands and gravels with some chalk exposures.