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Map of Thorpe Market

Thorpe Market

(approx 10% in AONB)
The village is 4.4 miles south of Cromer, and 20.5 miles north of Norwich.

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 By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

The earliest record of Thorpe Market is found in the Domesday Book of 1086. At that time it was a well-equipped farming village with a population of about a hundred and fifty, including a good proportion of free and semi-free peasants. In 1275 the Lord of the Manor, Pauline Peyvere, was granted the right to hold a Market in the village, which is how the name "Market" arose. This market had totally disappeared by the eighteenth century, probably much earlier.

This small village has the rather unique Georgian church of St Margaret built by Lord Suffield in 1796 to replace a larger derelict one. Nowadays a lively venue for exhibitions, concerts and other cultural activities as well as regular services with an estimated 5,000 people visiting the church every year.