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The HunStory

Status:                                                             Planning - Feasibility study underway (Jan-Mar 2019)

How much funding to be/applied for:    tbc

Total value of project:                                  £1+ million

Project dates:                                                 tbc

Illustration for The HunStory

Please see the draft River Hun Catchment plan and further information on the River Hun.  

Project description:

Dependant on the findings of the current feasibility study, we aim to apply for £1+ m of funding for an environmental heritage project on the River Hun, and its freshwater marshes. The proposed work will stretch over approx. 5 years and would aim to: 

  • Tackle pollution and improve water quality
  • Enhance wildlife habitats
  • Provide opportunities for local people, and particularly local school children, to learn more about wildlife and conservation
  • Provide local young people with conservation skills and work experience

We are in the process of conducting more detailed project development.  This will be followed by a further application for funding to deliver the project on the ground.

Link to management plan objective/s:       4.1OL5,PL6&7, 4.2PB4, 4.3PF5, 4.4OC1&3,PC3,4, 4.5PR7,

Key problem/s project will seek to address: Pollution, lack of employment opportunties in environmental  sector for young people in the area, skill shortage for nature reserves, poor biodiversity in river catchment area, flooding

Project partners/stakeholders:  Norfolk Rivers Trust, The Environment Agency, Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Norfolk County Council Trails team, Norfolk County Council Historic Environment Team, Professor Richard Hey,  local volunteers