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Sustainable communities

Communities in the Norfolk Coast make up an important aspect of its character. To maintain that character, traditions and ways of life need to be passed down from generation to generation, which means that people with local connections should be able to continue to live and work in the area.

Designation as an AONB does not mean preserving in aspic. The Norfolk Coast needs to remain a living, working area with a thriving local economy and communities, while retaining the qualities that so many people cherish. Local people and businesses can all contribute to keeping the area special.

What the AONB Management Plan says...

See the 20 year vision and the objectives and policies for Sustainable Communities from the 2014-19 AONB Management Plan

Read the introduction and key issues from the Sustainable Communities section of the 2014-19 AONB Management Plan


What you can find in this section

In this section you can find a wealth of information that is intended to inform you about the AONBs communities and help you and those in your community to contribute to keeping it a special place.

It contains:

information on possible sources of funding for local projects, including our own Sustainable Development Fund;

ways to get actively involved in caring for the area, including volunteering, involvement in planning decisions and becoming a Norfolk Coast Friend;

maps showing parish boundaries and the AONB boundary;

information and links to web sites for the many parishes in the AONB; and

ideas for helping to keep local communities thriving.

Town and Parish Councils

Town and Parish Councils, along with local residents and businesses within the AONB can play an important role in meeting the statutory purpose of designating the area as an AONB - the conservation and enhancement of its natural beauty - and in promoting sustainable use and enjoyment of that natural beauty.

As public bodies, parish and town councils have a statutory duty of regard towards the AONB.

In this section we have provided information intended to help people who live and work in the area to play their part in its care.

Norfolk Association of Local Councils

The Norfolk Association of Local Councils (Norfolk ALC) is a member based organisation open to all Parish Councils, Town Councils and Parish Meetings in Norfolk. It represents over 400 Parish and Town Councils in the county.

The Association protects and promotes the interests, rights, functions and privileges of members in the performance of their duties and seeks to promote and develop the social, cultural and recreational life of their areas. They also promote a widespread and well-informed interest in local government. They are the first point of contact for all member councils in need of free advice on legal, financial and procedural matters. Questions and queries will be answered either by their staff or by national specialists depending on its nature and complexity.

Contact details: Tel: 01603 638495 Email: