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Summary of project achievements

The Glaven Eel Project delivered on, or exceeded in delivery of, each of its objectives.

Key project achievements include:

  • Direct engagement with over 600 local primary school children and involvement of over 400 more.
  • Delivery of a community events programme of thirteen walks and talks.
  • Creation of an eel trail, with seven places where people can access the river safely, find out more about eels and, at three sites, be inspired by project artworks.
  • Creation of a seven minute Glaven Eel film which has had almost 1,300 views, a project website and an active @GlavenEel Twitter site with over 950 followers, more than 6,000 tweets and over 6,800 likes.
  • Commission and siting of five new pieces of eel-inspired art.
  • Capture of interviews with twelve local residents with an interest in eels, including some of the few remaining people who once earned their living as eel catchers.
  • Improvement to eel access to the river and habitat along it, through introduction of six new eel passes, six new ponds and backwaters, and thirteen new eel refuges created by felling trees into the river.
  • Improved scientific knowledge about eels thanks to extensive programme of monitoring, surveys, trapping, tagging and tracking of mature eels and young elvers in the River Glaven catchment, contributing to the work of two prestigious UK academic establishments and the international cohort of eel experts.

There was an overwhelming enthusiasm for the Glaven Eel project amongst project partners and participants and a deep interest in continuing the work in the future. The project has potential as a pilot, using its learning outcomes as a basis for further work on the River Glaven or for a wider eel project on other Norfolk chalk rivers or elsewhere.

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Improving the understanding of, and awareness about, eels in the River Glaven, with particular focus on engaging with local school children and other members of the local community
  Capturing the eel catchers
  Engaging with the local community
  Engaging with local school children

Improving the River Glaven habitat to encourage an increase in eel numbers
  Introduction of six new eel passes
  New eel refuges
  New ponds and backwaters

Increasing scientific knowledge about eels in the River Glaven

Illustration by Kate Dougan, local Norfolk artist

Illustration by Kate Dougan, local Norfolk artist