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Map of Sandringham


(approx 90% within AONB)
The village is situated 1 mile south of the village of Dersingham just off the A149 north of the town of King's Lynn.

Sandringham is best known as the location of Sandringham House and its associated estate. This is a favoured holiday home of the Royal Family. Near to Sandringham house is the Royal Stud, a stud farm that houses many of the royal horses.

Sandringham Estate website:

Illustration for Sandringham

Many local buildings are built using Carrstone. Carrstone is a sedimentary sandstone conglomerate formed during the Cretaceous period. It varies in colour from light to dark rusty ginger. Used as a building stone it can be found in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and extensively in the historic buildings of North-west Norfolk.

Sandringham Church is considered to be one of the finest carrstone buildings in existence, and dates back in its present form to the sixteenth century. It is used regularly as a place of worship by the Royal Family and Estate staff.