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Map of Ringstead


(approx 90% within AONB)
Located to the south east of Hunstanton with both the Peddars Way and the Norfolk Coast Cycleway passing through.

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 By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

Great Ringstead is a small village situated just inland from Hunstanton within the borough of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and is known locally as Ringstead. The parish forms part of the Le Strange estate, who have given permissive rights to a bridleway through Ringstead Downs part of which is an S.S.S.I site.

The village sign is made to represent the villages many constitute parts. Starting with the roundels, the cross keys represent St Peters church, now a ruin with just a part of the tower standing as a listed building. The other roundel with a white cross represents the remaining church of St Andrew.

The central area depicts the lower left in beige the main cereal crop at the time of manufacture, barley, then a white line representing Ringstead's position on Peddars Way. To the right of Peddars Way the green area depicts the other main crop at the time, sugar beet. A vintage tractor symbolising the villages long standing farming traditions completes the lower portion of the inner circle. At the top of the inner circle starting from the left is St Peters tower, the chapel, St Andrews church, Queen Victoria's golden jubilee tree and the windmill. The inner circle symbolises the main village and the outer circle represents the outer fringes of the parish.