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Quaternary volunteers wanted

"Can you help? Identifying Quaternary Local Sites for Planners in Norfolk

Norfolk is a county rich in Quaternary sites. It has 41 SSSIs designated primarily for their Quaternary interest (making 39% of the regional total) and also has a wealth of sites outside the SSSI system which also deserve consideration by planners as County Geodiversity Sites (CGS). Since 2008, the Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership has audited these local sites and has identified a shortlist of 303 candidate CGS which have primary features of Quaternary interest. We need to transfer spatial information about these sites onto the County Council's GIS system so that they can be identified in the planning system.
Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership has been awarded a QRA Geoconservation Award grant ( to ensure that data transfer for 124 key sites is prioritised. In some cases some ground-truthing field survey work will be needed to ground-truth putative site boundaries and check extant features, and it is hoped this will provide an opportunity for QRA members to do a little helpful fieldwork for the project.  Once completed the GIS layer and associated database information will be supplied to local planning authorities, with May 2019 as the absolute deadline. If you can help or would like further information please contact Tim Holt-Wilson"