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HunStory Project

The HunStory project has developed over several years and originally generated from the Nine chalk rivers project within the Norfolk Coast AONB, via the River Hun's catchment plan which was created as part of the project; various recommendations for improvement were made. These were the original basis for the HunStory project. Click here for more information.

Glaven Eel

The Norfolk Coast Partnership celebrates and protects one of Norfolk's most mysterious creatures, the eel, thanks to its successful bid for a £97,500 Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant.

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Dark skies

Some of the darkest skies in the country can be found throughout the Norfolk Coast. Following survey work by the North Norfolk Astronomy Society and campaigning and satellite mapping by the CPRE, the AONB Dark Skies Working Group was set up to raise understanding and appreciation of our dark landscapes and work towards reducing light pollution. Click here for more information.

Norfolk Coast Ponds Project

With Norfolk having one of the highest density of ponds in England this is a project looking to find out more about ponds in the Norfolk Coast AONB.

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Wiveton Down - Glaciers, Grazing & Grassland

Highland cows at Wiveton Down

Highland cows at Wiveton Down

Thanks to a grant of nearly £14,000 from the Sita Trust we have been able to introduce sustainable management practices to safeguard the rare lowland grassland habitats of Wiveton Down SSSI. Click here for more details.

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