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Other designations

Overlapping designations

The North Norfolk Heritage Coast, a section of the coast from Holme-next-the-Sea to Weybourne, was defined in an agreement between local authorities and the Countryside Commission in 1975, recognising this section of coastline as one of the finest stretches of undeveloped coast in England and Wales. 'Heritage Coast' is a non-statutory definition, although it is recognised within the statutory planning system. Management of the Heritage Coast is considered within the overall management of the area, as contained in the AONB management plan.

In a unique situation for the two national landscape designations, a small area of the eastern outlier of the AONB overlaps with the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, which is effectively a National Park. This was designated under the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Act in 1988 since it is also part of the area with the distinctive character for which the Broads was designated.

Further information on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads and their management by the Broads Authority.

Marine designations
The AONB boundary on the sea-ward side is the mean low water mark, corresponding to the limit of the planning authority of its local authority partners.

However, the marine environment is of critical importance to this coastal landscape designation in terms of seascape, ecological and cultural links (link to this section of site)

Marine management is currently a very active area, with new plans and designations in development.