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Other designations / maps

There are many sites or areas with other statutory designations at local, national and international level overlapping with, or contained within, the AONB. These are independent of the AONB designation, but reflect the richness and importance of its natural beauty in terms of wildlife, architectural and archaeological interest and contribute to the protection and enhancement of these aspects of natural beauty.

These other designations include:


  • 4 Ramsar sites;
  • 7 Special Areas of Conservation;
  • 4 Special Protection Areas;


  • 6 National Nature Reserves;
  • 28 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), ranging in size from less than 1 hectare to several thousand hectares;
  • 1 Local Nature Reserve (Wiveton Downs);
  • 85 CountyWildlife Sites;
  • 61 Scheduled Monuments;
  • 7 Historic Parks and Gardens;
  • 45 Conservation Areas;
  • 36 registered commons (some with registered common rights); and
  • 849 listed buildings

For further information on these, see the conservation designations summary in supporting information for the AONB Management Plan.


You can find a wealth of information about various designations in the Norfolk Coast using the Government's MAGIC web site.

From the front page of the site (map of the UK with orange menu table on the left) we suggest you choose 'Places' in the menu for map search at top left, then enter somewhere in the Norfolk Coast near where you want to look e.g. Brancaster, then zoom out a couple of times using the button to the right of the menu until you reach a suitable scale (above 1:50,000).

You can move around the map or zoom in or out much as you would on Google maps.

You can select the AONB boundary by clicking on the + next to the 'Designations' on the left hand menu, then + for 'Land based designations' and 'Statutory' successively, followed by the box next to 'Areas of outstanding natural beauty (England)'. However, please note that the AONB boundary disappears at scales larger than 1:50,000.

Use the menu on the left of the MAGIC page in a similar way to choose other designations.

NOTE: - choosing too many designations at once is likely to be confusing!

You can also find detailed information about many designations using the 'identify' tool at the top of the page.