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The interactive map is based on Google and can be used to select specific categories through the selection box options. Although Google Maps currently show the Norfolk Coast AONB designation as pale green the boundary shown may not be correct. It is also worth remembering that Google map is not 'live' and the street view can be years old. Further information on the Norfolk Coast AONB designation and for details of parishes in the Norfolk Coast AONB.

There are a number of maps to be found when using search engines along with apps for devices so it is up to personal preference what is suitable for you. Google does show an indicative AONB boundary along with considerable other details; Bing/Microsoft does not offer all the advertising and labels but instead provides an OS map overlay option; OS maps also provide mapping and at the other extreme are daily satellite images provided by different organisations i.e. zoom earth.

ORDNANCE SURVEY maps are ideal for walking or cycling in the area. They contain a wealth of detail that can help you to find your way around, and to understand the landscape and historic context of where you are.
The Norfolk Coast AONB is covered by the following maps.

Ordnance Survey Explorer Series (1:25,000)
- Explorer 250 Norfolk Coast West
- Explorer 251 Norfolk Coast Central
- Explorer 252 Norfolk Coast East
- Explorer OL40 The Broads

Ordnance Survey Landranger series (1:50,000)
- 132 North West Norfolk
- 133 North East Norfolk
- 134 Norwich & The Broads

Designated sites etc

MAGIC is a web-based interactive map bringing together information covering a wide range of information on statutory and non-stautory environmental and historic designations and schemes.

You can find out more about these in the other designations section of this web site.

Historic maps of Norfolk

Norfolk Councty Council's historic maps website has a useful directory of historic maps of Norfolk which is well worth exploring. A further source of a variety of old maps is

Faden's map of Norfolk 1797 - now available in an accessible digitised version
This early map provides a fascinating picture of pre-enclosure Norfolk. Drawn at one inch to 1 mile scale, it is very accurate for its time and gives a good idea how the county, including its coastline, has changed from over 200 years ago.