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Managing change

The area has changed in the past, and will continue to change.

The AONB Management Plan contains a description of the qualities that make the area special - and which make it worthy of its national designation (a 'Statement of Significance') as well as a summary of these qualities.

While accepting that change is continuous and inevitable, the plan aims to conserve and enhance these key qualities into the future through management of change, following a path of sustainable development that respects the needs of the environment and of people.

Assessment of natural beauty

The plan also contains a summary assessment of the condition of the area's natural beauty, based on the summary of its key qualities of natural beauty.

Key drivers of change

The AONB Management Plan considers the current and anticipated drivers of change experienced by the area - a range of environmental, economic, social and political influences that are acting now or are anticipated in the future, that may affect the area's qualities of natural beauty. Some of these drivers of change can be managed directly and locally, through the powers of individual partners or by new partnership initiatives; others we can only aim to influence indirectly.

A simple graphic showing how drivers of change are acting in the AONB (originally from the 2009-14 AONB Management Plan) can be seen here.

Further information on the main drivers of change, from the current management plan and other sources, can be found on the sub-pages of this section (see menu bar to the left).