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Living and working

The interaction of people with their environment over thousands of years, resulting in living and working landscapes that respond to environmental, social and economic changes, has made the area what it is today.

This section of the web site represents two sections of the AONB Management Plan, looking at the interaction of people with its natural beauty.

In order to conserve these qualities that we value, we need to ensure that viable businesses are possible at the same time as managing the area and using what the sea provides in a way that is sustainable and which conserves the landscape and seascape qualities, habitats and species which contribute so much to the area's unique character.

Farming, forestry and fishing (section 4.2 of the plan) deals with the key human activities that depend on, manage and use the natural environment.

What the AONB Management Plan says...

See the 20 year vision, objectives and policies for farming, forestry and fishing from the 2014-19 AONB Management Plan

Read the introduction and key issues from the farming, forestry and fishing section of the 2014-19 AONB Management Plan.

Sustainable communities (section 4.4 of the plan) deals with the interaction of communities in the area with the local environment.