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Help in using the website

This website has been extensively refreshed with an updated content management system, we hope these changes improve the way users navigate and find information. We continually try to improve the information provided on the AONB designation and work of the Norfolk Coast Partnership. As with any updates there may be some glitches so please let us know if you find any problems or have any questions, constructive suggestions or comments.

Looking for something

Firstly try the SEARCH facility which should highlight most relevant pages, in addition a site map is located on the bar at the base of the page - click on the page title to open the page. To search within a pdf file you will need to open first and use the standard adobe search tool facility.

Should this not work and you can't find some information about our work on the website then please contact us for assistance. For information on Adobe Reader and other Adobe software including free reader downloads visit the Adobe website

Printing out

Unfortunately printing direct from website pages often produces variable results according to your software and printer, we suggest checking your options and settings to gain the best result (print preview can save wasted ink). The updated content management system (CMS) installed in Spring 2016 will have improved printing from this website and you will find we provide lots of the information in a universal 'PDF' format to download and or print.  

Translation required

Do you want to translate text to another language?
Among the many ways to get text or even complete websites translated are websites such as  (other translation websites and apps are available).