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Illustration for Geodiversity

Geodiversity may be defined as the natural range (diversity) of geological features (rocks, minerals, fossils, structures), geomorphological features (landforms and processes), soil and water features that compose and shape the physical landscape.

The area's geodiversity is a key part of its 'natural beauty' in itself, and also affects many other aspects of its natural beauty. Wildlife habitats, and the species they support, are influenced by geology, as are types of agriculture and other land use, which add to the area's distinctive character.

Norfolk's Earth Heritage

The Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty includes geodiversity features of national and international importance, particularly those relating to the Ice Age. Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership has published a new guide to the county's geodiversity (geology and geological landforms). Printed copies are available for purchase, find out more from the Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership web site

Geological landscapes of the Norfolk Coast

A summary by Tim Holt-Wilson of the key 'geological landscapes' of the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, explaining how these were formed and how they relate to the present day landscape can be viewed here