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The woodland area of the Norfolk Coast is relatively low for England but there are important areas of ancient woodland and even small plantations can contribute significantly to landscape character and biodiversity. They may also provide economic and recreational opportunities.

Woodland management on former heathland near Sandringham

Woodland management on former heathland near Sandringham

Based on work undertaken by the Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service in 2011, there are about 5,300ha of woodland in the AONB (about 12% of the area), of which only about 285ha are ancient woodland.

More extensive areas of woodland, including softwoods planted for commercial forestry, are found mainly on the Cromer Ridge or in the western 'outlier' of the AONB around Sandringham.

Otherwise, woodland tends to be smaller plantations or shelter belts, often used as game cover although where accessible some woodland management and use of timber may be undertaken.

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