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Footpath maintenance information

Information on footpath closures, diversions and maintenance proposals.

Environment Agency

Grass cutting to maintain flood defence embankments across North Noroflk will take place between March 2019 and October 2019.

''We plan to cut the grass on the embankments to a height of 1.5cm or more. This will also remove tall, woody plants. We plan to cut both sides of the bank in March, including the top of the banks. Between April and August we will be targeting Alexander plants, to prevent them from flowering and seeding, on a 6 week rotation.  In September/October we plan to complete another full cut of both sides and the top of the banks.
We will use remote controlled grass cutting machines and occasionally ride on machinery with grass cutting attachments. Footpaths will stay open during our work.

Long grass and tall, woody plants on the embankments makes them more likely to become damaged during a flood event. Tall or dense plants also prevent us from fully inspecting the embankments. We plan to do a full cut at the start and end of the season to check the condition of the bank and that they will be effective in a flood. We are cutting in this way to remove non-native species which are damaging to the embankments and wildlife. Between April and August we are only targeting Alexander plants as it is damaging to the embankment and native wildlife. By avoiding cutting the whole bank during this time, we are trying to make sure that native birds, insects and wildflowers are protected and have worked with other conservation organisations to make sure our work causes the least disturbance to wildlife.

We have made changes to our work as a result of comments from the public and welcome your feedback again this year.''

Norfolk Asset Performance Team
Tel: 020 302 55460; Email:  

Environment Agency North Norfolk grass cutting locations map 2019

Environment Agency North Norfolk grass cutting locations map 2019

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