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Keep the Norfolk Coast Special

There's plenty to do on the Norfolk coast, from birdwatching to golf, history and heritage, galleries and craft shops aplenty, estates and nature reserves, walking and cycling and, of course, many places to take on refreshments and watch the world go by - and with theĀ Coasthopper bus service you can forget about problems of driving and parking.

In this section, we don't attempt to provide details of all the activities available in the area, though we do list events run by our Partners and provide links to many other useful websites.

Instead, we provide information which will help you to protect the area and use it in a sustainable way - whether by using public transport, cycling or walking, taking appropriate measures when walking with your dog or supporting the local economy by buying local products.

See the summary (below) or click on the entries in the left menu for more details.

In summary, you can help by . . .

Leaving the car behind
Public transport, cycling and walking are ideal ways to explore the area. They reduce congestion - and they're fun too!
In north-east Norfolk the Quiet Lanes is an Pilot Project to make country lanes more attractive for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
Or why not enjoy a boat trip - there are many opportunities to get out around the coast, from canoeing and sailing to seal boat trips viewing one of the famed Wash and Norfolk Coast colonies.

Respecting wildlife
Natural England publish a Countryside Code, which gives common-sense advice on how to behave in the countryside.
Keep to paths and use the beach below high water mark. Avoid the dunes and shingle nesting areas. This leaves birds and fragile plants in peace.
Keep dogs under control, preferably on a lead, to avoid disturbance to nesting and visiting birds.

Using local products
This helps support local services and the local economy, reduces food miles and removes congestion from our roads. Our Local Products Directory provides a selection of producers and users across the area.

Giving your support
Support organisations which look after the area. Membership, donations, supporting events and volunteering can all help conservation bodies and local societies.

What the AONB Management Plan says...

See the 20 year vision, objectives and policies for access and recreation from the 2014-19 AONB Management Plan

Read the introduction and key issues from the access and recreation section of the 2014-19 AONB Management Plan