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Map of Dersingham


Dersingham (approx 20% of parish within AONB)
It is situated some 12 miles north of King's Lynn on the A149.

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By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

By kind permission - 'Old Greyhead'

Dersingham covers some 1,500 hectares and at its highest point is only some 50 metres above sea level. However, for the early settlers it proved to be the ideal place to live because it was on the coast but high enough to avoid flooding and had a ready supply of fresh water from its numerous springs.

The Sandringham estate, a favoured holiday home of the Royal family, lies just to the south of Dersingham in the parish of Sandringham.

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The nearby Dersingham Bog National Nature Reserve, managed by Natural England, comprises three distinct habitats: mire, heath and woodland. The mire lies on shallow peat and is bordered on one side by a steep escarpment which containing large areas of dry heath and woodland which marks the edge of an ancient coastline. The woodland at Dersingham is quite recent and contains Scots pine, oak, sweet chestnut, sycamore and birch. The woodland glades attract birds such as redpoll, crossbill, long-eared owl, Tree Pipit, Woodlark, Shelduck, Nightjar, and Sparrowhawk.