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Map of Castle Rising

Castle Rising

Castle Rising (about 80% parish within AONB)
West Norfolk parish. The village is situated some 5 miles north-east of the town of King's Lynn

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Castle Rising Church of St Lawrence

The prominent ruins at Castle Rising are open to the public

The castle keep at Castle Rising is one of the most famous twelfth-century hall-keeps in the country, and it is likely that it is modelled on Norwich Castle. To the north of the castle is a ruined church that dates to around 1100, and both this church and the keep appear to have been rendered and whitewashed during the early medieval period.

The earthworks surrounding the castle keep are some of the largest in the country, although both the castle and the earthworks were originally half their current size. Their present appearance is the result of a major building programme of the late 12th or early 13th century.