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AONB Management Plan

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act, 2000 (The CROW Act) places a duty on the local authorities for the Norfolk Coast AONB to jointly produce an AONB management plan and to review the plan at 5-yearly intervals.

The Norfolk Coast Partnership undertakes review of the AONB Management Plan and coordination of its implementation on behalf of its local authority partners under their statutory duties.

The legislation requires these local authorities 'to act jointly to prepare and publish a plan which formulates their policy for the management of the AONB and for carrying out their functions in relation to it' - but in practice, the plan extends to a much wider group of partners who also have important management functions.

The Management Plan is the framework for all organisations with a role in management of the AONB. All Partners have worked together to produce and agree the contents of the Management Plan and are committed to its delivery.

The plan consists of a five year strategy, which sets out the framework for management, and an action plan which is reviewed at least annually.