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Car free itineraries

A series of car free itineraries, funded by the East of England Development Agency, were produced in 2006 to encourage visitors to explore and enjoy the special landscapes of the East of England with minimal impact on the environment and positive benefits for local people.

The itineraries gave visitors ideas about what they can do in the area, either by leaving their car at home or leaving it at their accommodation and exploring by bike, boat, bus, horse or train.

Much of the information on the PDF is now out of date

Itinerary 2 See the wildlife wonders of North Norfolk by bus

The Norfolk Coast is one of Englands great coastal wildlife areas, rich in birdlife and sea life. Thousands of seasoned birdwatchers come here over and over again. But you dont need to be an expert to enjoy the wildlife experience just a pair of binoculars, enthusiasm and knowing where to go.

All year round there is plenty to see. In winter particularly theres real magic here, with a spectacular number of migrant birds seen in late October. And in winter larks, pipits and finches frequent Holkham Bay, and along the approach road to the beach wildfowl (wigeon, brent geese, white-fronted geese, pink-fronted geese) on the meadows.

The coast includes the largest area of saltmarsh in Europe, and large areas of dunes, shingle and sandy beaches that are habitats for mammals, birds and insects, and which harbour distinctive flora.