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Partnership Forum

The Partnership Forum is composed of representatives of organisations and interests having a significant role in managing the Norfolk Coast AONB.

The role of the Partnership Forum is to bring together the perspectives of many organisations through a representative system, to develop policy for the Partnership and to develop, review and implement the AONB Management Plan. This role is vital to the effective operation of the AONB Management Plan and delivery of actions within the Action Plan. It also acts as an important information exchange network between the various partner organisations.

The Partnership Forum usually meets at least twice a year to review the AONB Action Plan, and as necessary to consider particular issues (see meetings page).

Smaller working groups, consisting of selected members of the Partnership Forum and other people with special knowledge or expertise, may be formed to steer projects and develop policy on specific issues.

Current members of the Partnership Forum are:

Natural England
Debbie Gosman (Lead Adviser), Tel: 07900 608481, Email:

Norfolk County Council
John Dobson, Tel: 07920 286597, Email:
Marie Strong, Tel: 01485 534989, Email:

John Jones (Environment) Tel: 01603 222774, Email:
David Robertson (Historic Environment) Tel: 01362869291, Email:

North Norfolk District Council
Angie Fitch-Tillett, Email:

Mark Ashwell (Planning), Tel: 01263 516325, Email:
Rob Young (Growth and Community), Tel: 01263 516162, Email:

Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk
Brian Long, Email:

Alan Gomm (Planning), Email: or Jemma March (Planning), Email:
Tim Humphreys (Tourism), Tel: 01553 616643, Email:

Great Yarmouth Borough Council
Shirley Weymouth, Tel: 01493 731625, Email:

David Glason (Planning), Email: or Becki Cox (Planning Assistant), Tel: 01493 846624, Email:

Broads Authority
Simon Hooton, Tel: 01603 756025, Email:

Norfolk Wildlife Trust
John Hiskett (Senior Conservation Officer), Tel: 01603 625540, Email:

National Trust
John Sizer (Property Manager, Norfolk Coast), Tel: 01263 740241, Email:

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
Laurence Rose (Senior Sites Manager, NW Norfolk), Email:

English Heritage
Tom Gilbert-Wooldridge, Email:

Environment Agency
Helen Beardsley (Technical Officer), Tel: 01473 706500, Email:

Country Landowners and Business Association (CLA)
Tim Woodward (Regional Surveyor), Email:

National Farmers Union (NFU)
John Newton (County Adviser), Tel: 01638 672123, Email:

Norfolk Rivers Trust
David Diggens (Projects Director), Tel: 07776 251158, Email:

Norfolk Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (Norfolk FWAG)
Heidi Thompson (Business Manager), Tel: 01603 814869, Email:

Wells Harbour Commissioners
Paula Baldry (Commissioner), 

Norfolk Trails
New representative to be assigned

Community representatives
Keith Harrison
Andrew Murray
Ian Shepherd
Marti Tipper
Michael Wade

Common rightholders in the AONB
George Parry (Scolt Head & District Common Rightholders' Association), Tel: 01485 210187, Email:

Norfolk Association of Local Councils
Member: Alan Evans, Email:

Officer: Jane Scarrott, Email:

Wash and North Norfolk Coast European Marine Site
Sharron Bosley (Project Manager), Tel: 01553 772020, Email: